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What if the Medieval Church had the lost letters of Paul, holding them away from the populace because they expounded on spiritual gifts? What would happen if God brought together people with extraordinary spiritual gifts during the fourteenth century? How would they battle the twin dangers of evil and the Inquisition? How would their decisions, good and bad, help shape the future Body of Christ? And what if the people that did the greatest good in the battle had more subtle spiritual gifts than those they supported and followed?

The year is 1339 and God calls to his beloved until they rise from their slumber. Yet at the same time, Evil also walks the Earth, hunting God’s chosen ones. Can the Gifted rally together and avoid both the known dangers that hunt them as well as those in the shadows? The future of the Christian Church, as well as humandkind, rests on their ability to rely on what God had laid in their hearts, minds and souls. Will they discover it in time?

Daria D’Angelo is an Italian aristocrat with a dangerous gift. She needs to help a secret group of people stay alive when the Church and the enemy all want them dead, serve her God with her gifts of healing, and although she longs for romantic love, keep her eyes on the Eternal. If she does not succeed, she, her friends, and their eternal purpose to radically transform the Christian Church—and the future of humanity—will all die.

I’ve been waiting for longest time for something set in this time period! In fact, two or three years ago I was pitching my novel set in the middle ages. I kept hearing about an author who’d managed to get one published because, of course, publishers shy away from this time period–at least in the CBA. I’ve also read The Betrayed and look forward to reading The Blessed this fall.

Publisher’s Weekly made an interesting comment: Disregard Da Vinci Code comparisons and think Lord of the Rings, but without Hobbits and the allegorical trappings.

Everything is compared to the Da Vinci Code these days. I do love puzzles and mysteries, and The Begotten gives that along with a look at history, which I also love.

Melanie Dickerson has an interview ( Sept. 2007) with Ms. Bergren at her blog:


The author’s website: http://www.lisatawnbergren.com/home.html

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