Double Jeopardy in the publishing world?

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While a writing buddy is increasing the notches on his writing ladder through personal rejection letters as noted on his blog, I received my SECOND rejection for a manuscript from the same publisher, effectively decreasng my notches on the writing ladder!

They’d rejected it last fall, so imagine my surprise when I received the second rejection. I’m just thankful that it did not occur on my already depressing birthday two days before. So I have to wonder—is there some sort of double jeopardy clause for the writing community? Of course, rejection is no crime, but I feel strongly that I would like the right to claim that I cannot be rejected twice!!!

Okay. Enough silliness. It was a simple mistake for which I do not blame the editor. I can only hope that I don’t receive anymore double rejections, making the writing ladder even more stressful to climb.

Onto more important matters. During the SFF (Science Fiction/Fantasy for those who don’t know) blog tour, I plan to include reviews of this year’s Christy nominated books, giving away the book, as well, to blog visitors!

So stay tuned.


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  1. Mirtika

    Oooh, free books. That’s always yummy!!!!

    I heard of another writer in ACFW ( a loop posting some while ago) who had the same thing happen. Two rejections, same publisher (same manuscript). Just some weird booboo. But man, if they’re gonna booboo, better TWO ACCEPTANCES and TWO ADVANCES. heh


  2. Margo Carmichael

    And don’t you just love it when a very pleasant interview with a friendly, smiling editor garners a rejection form letter from someone on his/her staff? After all your effort to be there? *sigh* The least they could do is send their *own* form letter! LOL

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