God of Wonders

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Have you seen the Indescribable DVD with Lou Giglio? He takes you on a journey through the universe to show you just how big our Creator is–stars huge beyond our ability to comprehend. Even my boys will have tears streaking their cheeks at the end when we get a picture of how God holds us all together with the cross.
Just coming off  the ACFW Conference, I see now that God is even more amazing because of the way he weaves our lives together even though we are beings who have free will. And yet, God works our lives together, creating what I’m sure you’ve heard many times– a beautiful tapestry. In this case, I’m going to say he works our lives together to create amazing books. I heard repeatedly at the conference “it has to be the right book at the right time”, and then I see how the right people have come together–something that can takes years to happen.
I’m blown away at how He does this–to me, it’s far more amazing than His creation of the universe!

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  1. Rachel Overton

    Have you seen another one by him…can’t remember the title but he goes from outer space to inner space–takes on DNA and how absolutely unique each one of us is. There’s a quickie version of it available (How Great Is Our God), but if you can find the original version of it, it goes into sooo much more incredible detail. And brings it back to the cross. WOW!

    (So I know I’m really late to this little dicussion, but I’m working on “Exposing Amber” tonight and got a little curious about you…. 🙂 Couldn’t resist commenting on Lou Giglio.)

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