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I love what Robin Lee Hatcher had to say today in her blog about brilliant blog posts. You see, I’ve struggled with this for a long time. She mentioned after seeing the movie Julie and Julia: The other thing this movie made me want to do was to start writing brilliant and meaningful posts on my blogs. Not sure I know where those ideas for brilliant posts might come from.

Aha, so I’m not the only one who struggles with the brilliant aspect. I searched through several blogs this evening, looking for the something that really stands out, so that I could read and learn from the experts. Considering all I have on my plate and that every blog post takes time away from children and family, is it worth it? Let’s hope so. While my boys are playing with Bionicles and Legos, and my daughter is IMing with her Dad, I have time to write a not-so brilliant post. . .

While running on the treadmill this past week (mind you, I’m not a real runner, just an aspiring runner) I came up with a wonderful comparison of writing and running. Brilliant. But once I put pen to paper, er, fingers to keyboard, my mind went blank. I’m hoping to catch that potential article again somehow–maybe have a recording-device with me while I’m running so I can spit-out all the great ideas I get while I’m oxygenating my brain.

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  1. Rebecca LuElla Miller

    Hi, Beth, a long time ago I abandoned writing brilliant blog posts for those that said something I cared about. 😉

    I think you, your family, and your writing are plenty interesting, so I know I’ll keep reading whether you think you’ve found “brilliant” or not!


  2. Beth Goddard

    Ah, Becky, thanks so much for that! You made my day. 🙂 I think I’ve gotta post up for every day this week. And you know how it is, once you start blogging, the ideas start to come after all.

    Have a great week!

    P.S. All your blog posts are brilliant. You haven’t abandoned the brilliant posts, my friend. 🙂

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