Procrastinating. . . Again

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I’ve been remiss in posting. And it’s not because I was procrastinating. It’s because I am a procrastinator! I recently heard that procrastinators tend to overestimate the amount of time it takes to do something. In addition, they bite off more than they can chew, then become overwhelmed and ultimately paralyzed. I’ve been in the paralyzed mode. That, because I took time with my family over Memorial weekend and neglected the computer while emails continued to collect.

I think I’m caught up on those, but now I’ve got to catch up on other writing-related activities–you know, the ones that keep you from actually writing! LOL.

Be sure to check back for the upcoming SFF blog tour which will continue this month. I believe it begins on June 20th. We will be focusing on Donita K Paul’s new book DragonKnight. Also forthcoming will be interviews with Kathy Tyers and Kathryn Mackel–two of my favorites.

Okay, I’m going to focus on finishing my fantasy the next few weeks and I’ll keep you updated on my progress.


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  1. Becky

    Well, this explains why you’ve been so quiet lately. I’ve missed you.

    I understand every thing you said about procrastinating. I think for me there is also a little self-sabotage involved. I don’t REALLY want to give it my all, so if I start late, I just have to accept a less-than-my-best performance.

    So, guess what I’m doing today? : (

  2. Beth Goddard

    ROFL. Thanks for that Becky. I think I’m just juggling too much and at times, don’t know where to start. I’ve also neglected working on my novel. How can I ever get published if I don’t finish the thing?

    I think writing these days calls for so much more effort on our part. Not only do we have to write, we have to market ourselves and develope a platform as you mentioned on one of your posts. It all seems overwhelming.

  3. Mirtika

    Parazlyzed is the term I use myself to describe what happens to me, also a Procrastinator, capital P.

    So, were you happy with the proposal you put together for GENESIS.

    I keep worrying my synopsis is incomprehensible. It’s crazy writing one for a novel that’s not even a third finished.


  4. Beth Goddard

    Um. . .I’m not sure if I”m happy with the proposal. Like you, it was tough writing a synopsis for a story I haven’t finished yet. And like you, I hurriedly put the chapters together just so that I could enter. My goal now is to just finish the thing. . so I can get on with my life:)


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