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Welcoming to the Taming a Wild Heart Blog Tour! Who’s wild heart are we taming exactly? We’re Taming Rafe. That’s the title of Susan May Warren’s latest book in her Noble Legacy Series.
I’ve always loved Susan’s writing and look forward to writing a review of her book soon. In the meantime, you can:

Win a Steak Dinner with Rafe!!!

Okay, we mean a book and a dinner…but even better, it’s a dinner for two. Eat…THEN read. (Or, who doesn’t like to read about a cute guy while munching on something yummy?)

To enter the contest click HERE!

Be sure to visit Rafe’s Blog.

Read an excerpt from the Prologue:

Rafe Noble, two-time world champion bull rider and current king of the gold buckle, had never met a bull that he feared. Oh, sure, he knew well the tension before a ride that buzzed his nerves and slicked his hand inside his taped-tight leather glove. But normally he shook it off the second he wound the bull rope, sticky with rosin, around the animal’s chest and wedged it into his grip. Then the adrenaline, the heat, took over.

And for eight long, harrowing seconds, it was just man against beast.

In Rafe’s world, man usually won.

However, as Rafe straddled the champion bull known as PeeWee, which had to be some sort of joke because the bull was the biggest, orneriest creature Rafe had ever ridden, coldness rushed through him. Something foreign and overwhelming ignited a tremble from deep within his bones.
For the first time since he was thirteen he felt . . . terror.

Maybe it was just the residual agony of watching one of his fellow bull riders being carried out on a stretcher only minutes earlier. Maybe it was the roar of the crowd hammering at the raging headache he’d nursed most of the day. It could be the fact he rode in pain, that he’d had to tape his hand, wear his knee brace, and the sports medicine doctor had reminded him that one more fracture to his neck would land him in a wheelchair permanently.

Read the rest HERE.

Buy the book here.

Susan Mae Warren’s Website: http://susanmaywarren.com/

I always love book trailers. So don’t forget to watch Raming Rafe book trailer here.


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