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Seems like I’ve had a post with that title before and right now, I’m too tired (or is it too lazy) to go back through the archives. Ages have gone by since I’ve posted anything other than the CSFF blog tour. BTW, there is another tour coming up next week featuring Jeff Gerke’s Where the Map Ends website. This is my opportunity to bring up the fact that I’m blogging today over at Keep Me IN Suspense. Jeff is also a contributor to that blog.

I’ve made some changes this year, cutting back on the blogs I contribute to so that I can spend more time focusing on writing that thriller I mentioned before. So, I hope to pop in once in a while to blog here, but only if I have something interesting to say. At times, people have called me a superwoman–what with homeschooling, serving as a pastor’s wife and writing novels. Well, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t all get done. So the first things to go have been the blogs–all except my personal blog and Keep Me In Suspense because that will be my focus this year.

I hope you’ll stop by the suspense blog if you have the chance. Once I start blogging more here, you’ll be the first to know.

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